Christian Bernard Singer

Detail from eco-installation piece, Initiation/Spring

alienation and social classes from the holy family
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            I am interested in the space that opens when intellectual and emotional perception/experience converge. Activated by the senses, beauty, or ideas, there is momentary reception to physical/metaphysical memories, and of being in the immediate/transcendent “now.” In this space, there is the possibility of revelation.

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            I see in nature, the miracle and fragility of my own fleeting life force mirrored back to me. For me, this inspires awe and intensifies my awareness of being alive, of being conscious, and of being an individual within a larger interconnected whole.

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alien_shooter_2______repack_alien_ant_farm__smooth_criminalmp3alien_skin_exposure_photoshop_pluginrar alien_shooter_2_             Incorporating plant life, bronze, clay, wax, found objects, digital media, and other elements, my “living” environment-installations and landworks oscillate between permanence and ephemera and turn on notions of interior/exterior space and place.


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Shore|Lines Project
MacLaren Art Centre, Barrie, ON

Untitled Meandering
Kiwi Sculpture Garden Project (Perth)
& Edward Day Gallery (Toronto)



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