Site-specific installation at the Robert Turner Gallery (2002)
New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University
(Mattress springs, cable, paint, indigenous mosses)  

Six mattress springs are suspended, aligned curvilineally and angled downward to form a timeline sequence of transformation, growth, evolution and grounding. Illustrating a descent and an approach to earth-level, with the first of the mattresses being bare, they are progressively invaded/covered by moss until the mattress closest to the viewer (hovering horizontally about two feet off the floor), is entirely covered with a thick blanket of moss. While lighting produces map-like projections onto the wall (land-bodies, longitudinal/latitudinal lines), an aerial view brings up notions of landscape.

The mattress acts as a carrier/host/supporter for one of the fundamental building blocks of life (moss breathes the next wave of life in the forest by holding and releasing moisture, securing the earth from erosion and eventually converting into fertile earth itself for plants and trees). The mattress springs recreate that physical sense one perceives in the way that the forest floor gives under our feet.

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